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Topic: Kontakt 3 to 4 lib upgrade question...

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    Kontakt 3 to 4 lib upgrade question...

    All I would like to know is this:

    If I install K4, will it overwrite K3 or will it install to its own directory? If it does install to its own directory will it conflict with K5?

    I don't want to lose "Akoustik Pianos" (included in K3) which NI has discontinued in K4.

    Am I worrying over nothing?

    Oh yeah, and assuming that K4 installs to its own directory (independent of K3), can I simply uninstall any duplicate libraries in the K3 directory after the K4 installation?


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    Re: Kontakt 3 to 4 lib upgrade question...

    It will install in it's own directory and won't overwrite anything with K3.

    Your library will stay in place. Also, I'm not sure that the pianos aren't still in K4. NI has discontinued Akoustik Pianos as a product, but I think everything is still in K4 that was in K3(it was never the entire library, just parts of it).

    But no worries. Just install and there will be no problems or conflicts.


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