(thanks to babel fish)
I try to help a musician because I arrange a little bit in data processing
The musician is owner of Mackie Onyx 1220, PC with Gigabyte PA-P55M-UD2 and 4GB DDR3, Windows XP Pro SP3, Cubase SX 3, Stylus RMX 1.5.1, Omnisphere .
All steps of the installation are successful.
The last thing to be made is the Authorization of Omnisphere and when I am on the Spectrasonic's page of the account it's like following


"Serial N°"
nnnnnnnn (<--- Nota: with the real licence number)

"Licence Type"
Not Active

and in the rows "Get Updates" and "Get Authorization"
Contact tech support

How is it possible?? Why a not active licence type??
I wrote to Spectrasonics. They already helped me for problems and that puts much time. Who can answer?