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Topic: Hidden vibrato.

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    Hidden vibrato.

    I am using GPO3.

    In the manual it mentions using cc17 for vibrato speed and your keyboards aftertouch for inensity.
    My keyboard does not have aftertouch.
    Is there a midi cc that can control that function?

    I can't get any vibrato.
    I have tried it with trumpets and trombones.

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    Re: Hidden vibrato.

    What host are you using (and on what platform)? You will have to make some conversion from any available controller of your choice, to transform it into channel aftertouch before it reaches the Kontakt Player (e.g. in Cubase you would use the Input Transformer on the MIDI track). Some other sequencers have something similar, otherwise you would have to route your MIDI through something like MIDI Ox/MIDI Yoke on PC, or MIDI Pipe and the IAC Bus on Mac, before it arrives in your host.
    Of course, if you have the full version of Kontakt3 you can edit the Mod source for LFO depth directly.
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