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Topic: One in a Trilian :^)

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    One in a Trilian :^)

    Well . . . . .
    I've been messin around with Trilian for a few days now and it's just fantastic ! ! !
    The Sound Sources have alot of gems in there . . .

    Here's one of the idea's I started messin with.

    Since it's the first tune I started with Trilian I dedicate this to Eric - One in a Trilian.

    This is the short version


    Larry Ortega
    LJ Productions Inc.

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    Re: One in a Trilian :^)

    Forgot to mention the instruments.

    Omnisphere - bell rhythm
    RMX - Drums and Percussion
    TRILIAN - Stock Bass - Lead harmony and Lead Solo


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    Re: One in a Trilian :^)

    Sounds good.

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    Re: One in a Trilian :^)

    Very nice stuff. Certain parts remind of the band Rush.
    What the specs of your system?

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    Re: One in a Trilian :^)

    Not bad for a drummer!

    Totally my cup of tea. Fantastic piece and great mix and arrangement.
    You rock Larry!

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    Re: One in a Trilian :^)

    Very nice work Larry! Post some more.

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    Re: One in a Trilian :^)

    Thanks Guys . . .

    I started to think about putting together an all Spectrasonics CD.
    If it works out all instruments would be from Omni , RMX and Trilian.
    All the Full versions of the songs.

    And on this tune " One in a Trilian " - I kinda did this on my old machine
    which is only a Pent 4 - Single Core - 2 Gigs of Ram . . Of course some bouncing of track's is involved . . but that's pretty easy to do.
    I'll post some more pieces soon . . . :^)


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    Re: One in a Trilian :^)

    wow. that was awesome, Larry. Yellowjackets meets Spectrasonics!
    Great tune, arrangement, production-- very nice. Is that EWI on the solo there?

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    Re: One in a Trilian :^)

    Hi Sammy,

    Thanks ! !
    I'm a big Yellowjackets fan too . . :^)
    This song needs much work yet . . but the idea is there . . and the finished product should be nice .
    There's a solo between bass and drums in the song . . I'll post it when it's done.
    The Solo part is just a sound I made with the sound source out of Trilian played on the keys.
    Trilians a MONSTER ! ! ! - I've been coming up with all kinds of cool sound's . . it's just amazing what this thing can do.

    Take care and thanks again.


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