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Topic: Trilian Feature request for Midi Guitar users

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    Trilian Feature request for Midi Guitar users

    I just got Trilian going today after the update fixed things in Cubase. I'd all along planned to use it with my Axon midi guitar and its sounding great. I think that its safe to say that as far as a controller getting realistic bass guitar, a well spec'd midi guitar is far superior to anything else.

    I'd like to suggest the Trilian be updated so that a single multi patch be able to receive midi on all channels. As it is the choice is 1-16. I'd like to see 1-16 and "all" This would allow one patch in Trilian to receive on all channels matching my midi guitar which outputs on strings 1-6 as midi channels 1-6. The only alternative as is would be adding 4 or 6 instances of a patch into a multi . This would eat a lot of resources.

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    Re: Trilian Feature request for Midi Guitar users

    You can use Live mode to do that. Turn on Live mode and click on the part you'd like to trigger. That effectively puts any part you select into omni mode. There's no end to the cool things you can do with Live and Stack modes.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Trilian Feature request for Midi Guitar users

    Thanks for the response. I opened Trilian in Cubase ,selected a sound and then went to Live mode. In Cubase I have the sound on midi channel one. Trilian still behaves as if a channel is selected. For this to work as I'm asking I should be able to go to "any" midi channel in Cubase track inspector and have the Trilian patch respond to all incoming midi channels: not be channelized. For instance ,this works in Kontakt and allows for much more realistic playing since the guitar strings are transmitting on seperate channels.

    If I'm missing something let me know.

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    Re: Trilian Feature request for Midi Guitar users

    OOPs! Never mind, I got it. Thanks Glenn

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    Re: Trilian Feature request for Midi Guitar users

    I have the Axon AX100MkII unit and a Godin Freeway SA with the Ghost Modular pickup system.

    I am DYING to get going with mine. Unfortunately the TV show I work on is out of control busy so I am going to have to wait a minute. 12 Hr days and 8 and 3 year old kids put a dent in my energy level after work.
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    Re: Trilian Feature request for Midi Guitar users

    Sorry if I'm just so blur but how do you select the Live mode or did u guys mean Lite mode? I'm using my GK3 equipped Klein into the VG99 to access Trilian within Cubase in my Winxp 32 quadcore system. Tanx.

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