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Topic: Omnisphere - Arpeggiator question

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    Question Omnisphere - Arpeggiator question

    Running Omnisphere in Sonar 9 PE (or sometimes with Savihost, using it as a simple standalone to mess around with) on a PC running Vista Enterprise SP2 on 2.6Ghz Core 2 w/ 4GB RAM. My audio interface is a M-Audio Fast Track Ultra USB2.0 interface.

    I have 2 questions about the arpeggiator..

    1. How on earth can I get it to do triplet patterns?

    2. How do I vary the progression speed of the step sequencer to make it fall in a specific BPM pattern?

    I know these are probably pretty Noobiesque questions but I am realatively new (5 months) to virtual instruments & DAW's and such and am learning as I go.

    LOVING the sounds in Omnisphere and I did quite a bit of research before buying it... (BTW Eric, having Jordan Rudess demo it and the video of that demo... pure genius. It was one of the major reasons I bought it... A LONGTIME Dream Theater Fan I am... )

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    Re: Omnisphere - Arpeggiator question

    You can use the Groove Lock feature of the arpeggiator to set it to any pattern, not only triplets, by dragging in a midi sequence which has the desired pattern. See the reference guide or arpeggiator video for details.

    The speed of the arpeggiator follows the tempo setting of the host. So, just turn up the host tempo to adjust the speed. The clock menu then gives you options for multiples of that tempo.

    - Glenn

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    Re: Omnisphere - Arpeggiator question

    I thought Groove lock was only for Synching with RMX since that is what the arpeggiator video showed used.... I never tried it since I dont have RMX.

    So if I get this straight, then I could record a track in SONAR 9 of a pattern, lets say me just playing a few bars of 16th note triplets, export the midi file of just that track then I can drag that midi file to the groove lock button?

    Again apologies and thanks in advance as I am learning this stuff.

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    Re: Omnisphere - Arpeggiator question

    you can drag any midi file into Omni's groove lock.
    Export your midi file (of the groove you want Omni to follow). I use a dedicated folder for such grooves, but as you wish.

    Drag that midi file, from desktop or a folder or watevs straight into Omni Groove lock. Now save as a preset in the Arp (for future use as well).

    Listen to the arp follow the groove.
    Mac PPC 2ghz dual, 1.67 ghz PPC 17" lappy, Samson 65a, Logic 8.01 (dont use), Live 8.05 suite (dont fix what aint broke), Skull collection & Howling dogs.

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