It was really quick of Spectrasonics to ship me the upgrade package within a week and I'm in the far east, Singapore specifically. Installed it on my existing Quadcore 9650 WinXP 32bit with Cubase 5 and sorted out a brief moment of registration hiccups which was really more of my messing up with the change of user name...really.

I have only 4gigs of of physical ram which XP 32 can only see 3.5gig. Started Cubase 5.1 and immediately went about browsing through the various presets within Trilian. I was quite shocked to see how much memory some of the samples were... up to 2.5gigs especially with the acoustic instruments but the sounds, the sounds were simply amazing, breathtaking! I checked my cubase performance meter and noticed the moving bars.... Ah! I clicked on the "lite" button and it was still sounding great albiet with less harmonic and dynamic variations which I noe will still be very useable. Checked out the Trilogy sounds within Trilian and immediately noticed the shoter loading times and also the distint difference in richness of tones when compared to Trilian.

I'm definitely eager to start using Trilian for all current and future works but am wondering if I should go Win7 64 bit and add additional rams to get a maximum 8 gigs or should I build a whole new system based on the i7 920 cpu with 16gigs of Ram? Any advice would be much appreciated. Tanx everyone!