Hi, I\'m pretty new to the \"Strictly Digital\" realm of systems. I\'m currently using Cubase 3.7 with an Akai s1000 and a MPC-2000. What I want to do is Replace the hardware with Gigasampler and run it with Cubase 3.7 on my Frontier Design Dakota card. I\'ve followed the instructions on both Cubase and GS as well as updated my drivers for the Dakota card but i\'m at a stump. I can\'t even test for a sound with the default instrument that GS came with. I even got the Hubi\'s Midi-loopback and followed some instructions from this forum. Still I can\'t get any sound, and I think I\'m missing a configuration somewhere that hasn\'t been mentioned from step 1.

Can anybody help me? I just need know how to trigger sounds off GS using Cubase.