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Topic: Garritan Libraries With KP3

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    Garritan Libraries With KP3

    Does anyone actually use the latest KP3.5 with any of the GPO3, JaBB or CoMB?

    I tried installing KP3 and although all three library icons loaded in the left window none of the instruments are available.

    I have checked that KP3 points to the correct location, which I suppose it must do for the icons to show. I have also tried letting KP3 do a full scan for available instruments all without any success.

    I have tried a search in our forums and there are a few where people are using KP3 with the Strad but I could find nothing else.

    So, is anyone actually using KP3 with any other Garritan libraries? Can anyone explain what needs to be done to get KP3 to recognise and load the instruments?

    KP2 is fine; all instruments recognised, loaded and playing.

    Would appreciate any input. Thanks.
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    Re: Garritan Libraries With KP3

    I have GPO, the Stra, and the Gofiller running with KP3 on OS X 10.6.1 with Logic 9.

    I initially installed everything (including OSX) on an external drive to avoid killing my laptop until I thought I had things working.

    I also installed everything from an admin account separate from my normal user account.

    These two things, copy form external disk and install/use accounts being different, led to a few problems.

    The file permissions were not set correctly, my user account did not have access.
    The preferences had explicit references to the external disk.
    I had to set up the database and libraries as admin, note in KP3 these are two different actions -- rebuild database and add library.

    HTH (may not if you do not have a MAC)

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    Re: Garritan Libraries With KP3

    I installed it, and it worked, but it's on a Macintosh. I hardly used it. GPO4 came out and it takes a lot more CPU than KP2, so I prefer to use one of them.

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