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Topic: Opinions - Sonivox Sax Quartet

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    Opinions - Sonivox Sax Quartet

    I stumbled onto this. It's awfully inexpensive. The sample mp3 on their web site sounds pretty good. I'm just wondering if anyone owns it and if it's usable.

    I'm a little worried about it being a soundfont though. I have had some issues with Sonar PE 6 and its soundfont player VI ... and in any case it doesn't seem to allow more than one instance to run at a time. I'd probably end up converting the instruments to Kontakt 2 format. I'm wondering what I'd lose by doing that.

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    Re: Opinions - Sonivox Sax Quartet

    That sax quartet demo sounds pretty awful.
    I would save the money and go for a higher quality lib (Chris Hein Horns). Look at the brass included in the Kontakt 3 library. It's all Chris Hein and just sounds right!
    Of course there are other libs which are cool but I haven't tried them.

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