I am enjoying Trilian. Great, inspirational sounds. Congrats again Spectrafolks

One question: was the Trilogy "Master Filter" dropped? (I can't seem to find it or its equivalent in Trilian.)

Not a big deal, but I was trying to match up some Trilogy patches in previous sequences to get rid of the Trilogy wrapper (if possible), and of course if there is no "Master Filter" in Trilian I have to drop in a Hipass or Lopass as needed (assuming "HPF UVI" and "LPF UVI 1/2/3", is that right?). And the "units" in Trilogy (e.g., "41 HPF") are a bit of a challenge to line up with the units in Trilian (e.g., "0.059 kHz").


P.S. I am anxious to hear the completed SYNTH patches. The DEMO bank is quite a tease!