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Topic: Trilian Confused

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    Trilian Confused

    Load up the Chapman Stick Mute Keyswitch...

    When I play at the loudest level I get a gliss up. When i play below the loudest level I get sustained notes.

    This is strange because channel 2 has the gliss up in it and is specified in the Live mode as a separate key switch??? If it is specified as a separate key switch then why does Gliss up play on channel one when i play velocity 127???


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    Re: Trilian Confused

    All "Full Range" patches feature all the dynamic sustains, plus a Gliss Up at the highest velocity. This is one of the most useful single patches to play and is a good "home base" to start from and it's the most versatile single patch that convers the complete range of the instrument.

    The "Gliss Up" on the next part allows you to do fully dynamic glisses if you need that. (since the Full Range version only allows loud glisses)

    If you'd prefer to have the main sound on Part 1 without the Gliss Up at the highest velocity, then you can simply replace the "Full Range" version with the "Sustains" version.

    Hope that's helpful! :-)



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    Re: Trilian Confused

    I'm really excited and soo looking forward to using Trilian. The update package conatining 5 dvds arrived on Sat which was way earlier than expected and definitely caused some distractions from wat I was supposed to concentrate on for the day.

    Set out to install it when I got back later that night after the gig and fired up Cubase 5.10 and got my Klein into the VG99 connected. I was prompted to authorize and clicked on the link and started having troubles logging in with my usual name and password. Requested for a new password, got it and that also didn't work.

    Tried it again and the same problem. I'm currently only able to run Trilian in demo mode and have up to wed before the demop expires. Oh no! HELP!!!

    Is there a way around this logging in issue? Please!?

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    Re: Trilian Confused

    For what it is worth, yesterday a friend of mine could not log into his account to authorize his Omnisphere because he used Internet Explorer 6. We installed Firefox and all went smoothly.

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    Re: Trilian Confused

    I stopped using IE quite awhile ago and have been using Firefox ever since. I've yet to get the log in problem resolved quick as I'm really trying to get the authorization going for Trilian and also updates for both Trilian and Omnisphere.

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    Re: Trilian Confused

    embryo69, did you make a new account as instructed in the Spectrasonics video in the log in page?
    Q6600 Quad Core 2.4GHz, 4GB RAM, E-MU 1616m audio interface, Cubase Studio 4.1.2, Windows XP Pro sp.3, Omnisphere, Atmosphere, Addictive Drums, Amplitube 2 + Jimi Hendrix, Monstrous

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    Re: Trilian Confused

    Tanx for reminding abt that. Yes I had to re register and the user name was different. It's all good now! I busy updating Omnisphere and Trillia. Trilian sounds great so far! Tanx!

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    Re: Trilian Confused

    Thanks for the reply Eric. It explains much.

    Biggest thing I notice with Trilian is the PRESENCE of the sounds. Really sounds like a bass player is in the room with you. It's noisy in all the right places and is very fun to play!

    Thanks for a great instrument!


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