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Topic: A marching, movie type tune...

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    A marching, movie type tune...

    Hi, after a while and several other projects I finally return to my little orchestra in the box.

    Playing around with a theme that's in my head for a while it's now about something completely different.. ;-)



    Ok, the crash cymbals are too much, but it's in the middle of the night.. will be fixed soon ..

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    Re: A marching, movie type tune...

    Like the song. =)

    As for the use of GPO, I think that you could bring the Horns out when the Violin isn't being used.

    To give it a more American-Soundtracky feel maybe you could double the Solo Violin with Strings and Octave it. This is more of an arrangement style tip and is just an option. I like the Violin on melody. =)

    I think that the bass drum could use more reverb so it's like BAH BAH BAAAAAHHHHHHH BAH BAH BAAAAAAAHHHHHHH, etc... It's the type of orchestration that sounds like...Call of Duty I think.

    It may be a little dry as it is...

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