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Topic: How do I do Octave Glissandos?

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    How do I do Octave Glissandos?


    I've just bought GPO 4 and one of the tracks I'm currently working needs the strings to do one octave glissandos both ascending and descending.

    How do I do this with GPO 4?


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    Re: How do I do Octave Glissandos?

    You need a sequencer with MIDI editing facilities. I am now talking SONAR. Analyze first the glissando, as far as you mentioned it has to be one octave up and down. All intermediate notes are possible, so start out with the beginning note (keeping in mind the timing the glissando occurs).

    Draw all chromatic notes of the glissando until the last note. On every note apply the PITCHBEND controller giving it a value from zero to 8192 for just that note. The next note also has PITCHBEND from zero to 8192 and the next....... until you reach the end note. Giving it a value zero up to 8192 will slide the pitch just needed to reach the next chromatic.

    Going down is of course from zero to minus 8192 on every note. Experiment with this. I never do the second note in the row from zero up to 8192, I just start a bit lower (let us say minus 10).

    Also lower the velocities of all notes (except the beginning and end) to almost zero, also apply sustain pedal (CC#64) and overlap the notes a bit.
    Sustain with overlapping rules out the velocity attack of the next note and you don't want to hear some sort of an attack on the chromatics.

    In other sequencers that value of 8192 can be different, in SONAR it is the maximum value.

    Raymond Robijns
    Youtube channel: "Raymond Robijns"

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