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Topic: Output level low when capturing audio?

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    Output level low when capturing audio?

    When I capture to a .wav file in Gigasampler, the levels are in the red, but when I play the recorded file back in another program, like Soundforge, the .wav file is actually very low volume and I have to normalize it. Is there any way to get a louder file out of Gigasampler?

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    Re: Output level low when capturing audio?

    Which program are you using to monitor the level of the Gigasampler when you\'re capturing? It is possible that the output of Gigasampler was very low in the first place but the software you use to monitor the level boosted it up by a lot. You can always make it louder by adjusting the fader in the mixer of the GS or by setting a gain in the global attenuation in config.

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    Re: Output level low when capturing audio?

    About the mixer slider, I found out that the slider\'s range is something like 0-99 instead of full 0-127. I assigned one of my keyboard\'s controller to #7 to control this volume and get the extra 28 values.

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    Re: Output level low when capturing audio?

    I\'m monitoring using the meters in GS itself.
    I have the faders all the way up, and tried changing the gain, but with little effect. The captured file is still quite a bit lower in volume when opened in Soundforge or anywhere else. I guess I\'ll try setting a keyboard controller for volume as was mentioned. Thanks for the suggestions.

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