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Topic: Hi Hat Cut Offs

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    Hi Hat Cut Offs

    Is there a way to have a Drum instrument with Hi Hats cutting each other off like other sound modules do? What I mean is when I hit an open Hi Hat, I\'d like to be hit the closed Hi Hat and cut off the open Hi Hat. This is a very common feature of many drum sound modules.

    I thought I read about this type of feature in the GigaSampler manual, but can\'t get it to work.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Hi Hat Cut Offs

    Where in the manual did you read this? I don\'t recall reading something like this. I was trying to do the same thing myself. Perhaps you need to use a dimension for that kind of thing.

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    Re: Hi Hat Cut Offs

    Here is what I found in the GigaSampler Editor online help (not in the text manual like I mentioned before). If you\'d like to see what I found, open up the GigaSampler Instrument Editor, click on the Help menu, select Help Topics, click on Find and enter HiHat. I got one result back - \'Region Properties\'. The text below is from the help file...

    \"Region properties


    When checked, indicates that one note played in this region will cut off any other note currently sounding in the same region.

    Key group

    An arbitrary integer used to group regions into mutually exclusive sets (the classic example is the open and closed hihats). A value of zero has no effect. A nonzero value means that a note played in this region will cut off any note that is currently sounding from a region with the same group number.\"

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    Re: Hi Hat Cut Offs

    Ron, I haven\'t tried those things from the manual you refer to (I don\'t recall seeing
    them in the editor but I could be wrong, I\'ll try to check soon...)

    If worse comes to worst, you might be able to fake it by putting an open hat on 2 keys, one where it\'s just normal and one with the close hat on a release trigger dimension. Then to program (say) open open close you would do a hit on the first one, then a sustain on the second one and trigger the close hat with the note release rather than a note-on.

    I know this is a goofy way to program drums and I haven\'t tried this yet, but I\'ll need to get this working soon myself, I\'ll let you know what I use when I do it...

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    Re: Hi Hat Cut Offs

    Sorry guys, but the self-exclusive are not implemented in GS, hopefully it will be in GigaStudio and in upcoming updates of GS


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    Re: Hi Hat Cut Offs

    I just purchased the Bob Clearmountain Drums II for the Gigasampler, but am kinda disappointed this feature does not work. I do plan on upgrading to Gigastudio when it is available, so I really hope it\'s there.

    Thanks for your replies.


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    Re: Hi Hat Cut Offs

    I have a thought.

    Make two layers of hihats on the same note--one open, one closed.
    Use the sustain pedal to trigger the open hihat. As soon as the sustain pedal is off, make sure the hihat enters the release stage. I know this is going to make your sequences incompatible with other GM sequences but it gives you the same feel as a real drum because that\'s how a real drum work.

    I haven\'t tried this. But I hope this will work.

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    Re: Hi Hat Cut Offs

    GigStudio does support this feature.
    In GigaStudio\'s editor, select a single region, right mouse click \'Properties\', type in a key group number. For hi-hat, put all hi hat regions on the same key group number.

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    Re: Hi Hat Cut Offs

    That\'s interesting that you say this feature works in GigaSampler. I\'ve tried doing exactly what you said but couldn\'t get it to work. I\'ve even called Nemesys tech support and they told me that feature would begin working in GigaStudio. At this point, I\'m not too concerned since I just purchased the upgrade to GigaStudio. Hopefully, it does work as it should there.

    Thanks for your reply.

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    Re: Hi Hat Cut Offs


    I\'ve been using the drum kit from the Conextant GM 500 library, and the open hi-hat cuts off when the note ends. I guess this deviates somewhat from normal MIDI drum sample behavior, but it obviates the need for a cutoff function.

    BTW, the GM500 is an excellent value. The drum kit is great, the pads sound excellent (especially pad 2), and many of the other instruments sound great as well. Some of the sounds are a bit disappointing (the guitars for example), but overall, it\'s well worth the price.

    Tim http://www.elithic.com

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