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Topic: Anyone here use Cakewalk Soundstage?

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    Anyone here use Cakewalk Soundstage?

    I\'ve recently found this little plug-in to be quite effective in the placement of orchestral instruments. I don\'t care for the room ambience it comes with (I use my TC Native reverb), but I do like the fact that you can move the players and mics.
    The question I have is about how far would you say, if one was to record an entire orchestra, should the mics be from the orchestra considering there is only 2 mics (left and right)? There is only 2 mics (a left and right mic linked together) in Soundstage and I was just curious if anyone could maybe shed some light about how many feet I should position these mics in Soundstage.
    Any other tips or suggestions for Soundstage would be greatly appreciated for achieving the most realism.

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    Re: Anyone here use Cakewalk Soundstage?

    Yes, Sounstage is a very handy plug-in. I would say, since the effect is not quite the real world that you are best just to use your ears for appropriate \"mic\" distance as well as the most suitable pickup pattern. Also, the proximity parameter on the second screen has a HUGE effect on the degree of tonal change (most noticeably the natural high frequency roll-off) that occurs as distance increases. If you want the more distant instruments to \"move back\" on the stage spend some time playing with this parameter. - Doug

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