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Topic: My MP3 Demo site is up.

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    My MP3 Demo site is up.

    Those of you who asked for more of my work will be happy to hear that my new site has been uploaded. It features some recent work by me, including \"Swordfight\", and epic swashbuckling action cue, complete with loud brass and percussion writing. Hope you like it.


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    Re: My MP3 Demo site is up.

    >Hope you like it.<

    Hi Thomas!

    For an unknown reason my AOL-player just gives me a few seconds-intro of \'Swordfight\'. Any ideas?



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    Re: My MP3 Demo site is up.

    I will have to delay \"We Will Prevail\". I\'m adding some finishing touches. Meanwhile I have uploaded 2 new mp3s:

    \"Something Out There\":

    A quick sketch meant to musically illustrate a person looking up at the stars on a clear night.

    \"Mysteries of the Mind\":

    a 6:30\" long piece of film music in a concert arrangement. It is some sort of a medley of atmospheres and moods.

    Happy listening,

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    Re: My MP3 Demo site is up.

    Nice work - enjoyed all of the pieces. What are you using to create your MP3\'s. Your MP3\'s are cleaner at 160K that the ones on Dan Dean\'s site that are 256K. His always sound distorted to my ears and I have not been impressed with his brass because of this sound.

    The reverb is a little to muddy for my taste but the rest of your production is excellent.

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    Re: My MP3 Demo site is up.

    It\'s really scary how good your stuff is.

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    Re: My MP3 Demo site is up.


    [This message has been edited by astrt4 (edited 09-23-2001).]

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    Re: My MP3 Demo site is up.

    Thank you Haydn. I used a freeware program called FreeRIP MP3. The reverb is indeed a problem. It\'s a terrible Zoom 1202 unit.

    Thank you, Astrt4?!


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    Re: My MP3 Demo site is up.

    Hey Thomas,

    Glad to see that you were able to get your own site happening - it really looks great. Have you tried embedding your MP3\'s into Flash? That might be a way you can get around download/compatibility issues that pop up with different browsers and platforms. Specifically the AOL browser (grrr, AOL). :-)


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    Re: My MP3 Demo site is up.

    Do you have a link for \"We will Prevail\" as well? I haven\'t been able to get that one.

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