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Topic: still waiting

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    still waiting

    Nemesys headlines: GSLe on tour with Cakewalk Pro Suite, Yeah! , and the mysterious GigaStudio?

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    Re: still waiting

    LOL. I\'m actually going to that silly thing tonight at Guitar Center in Plano (North of Dallas). If there\'s a Nemesys Music rep there, I\'m gonna make him sorry he showed up (just kidding... but I will pump him/her for info... very nicely )

    Tim http://www.elithic.com

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    Re: still waiting

    Hope you\'ll let us know...

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    Re: still waiting

    Sorry gang ... No Nemesys rep at the party last night (hopefully they\'re all busy as beavers packaging and shrink wrapping ). But it was a very good demo of ProAudio 9. I met some really nice people (there were about 30 people there for the seminar) many of whom were *very* interested in getting into Giga-technology. And the Cakewalk people did a very good job of describing it and demonstrating it.

    PaPa and Worra: You\'ll be happy to know that I put in several plugs for this web site and this forum, in particular, as excellent resources for Giga-users. The more people we can get to come here and contribute, the better off we\'ll all be. I know that it has already been of incredible help to me in deciding what hardware, software, and sound libraries to spend my hard-earned cash on.

    Tim http://www.elithic.com

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    Re: still waiting

    Well I hope this delay means they\'re trying to sneak in Win2k support

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