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Topic: GPO4: Unpacking after download for installation (Windows)

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    GPO4: Unpacking after download for installation (Windows)

    Max did an excellent video on preparing GPO for install after downloading.

    The default Microsoft unzip utility was used in this video. If the Microsoft unzip utility doesn't work, try using a free alternative, such as winzip.

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    Re: GPO4: Unpacking after download for installation (Windows)

    I have watched the install video but it does not address my continuing installation problem. I'm using a Windows XP, all updates done, DAW only workstation computer. I have two challenges:

    1) My unzipping has, thus far, not unzipped the compressed sample files. I get to the end of my install and receive an error message that the installer "Cannot find the compressed samples at" and the file location is named, though the screen cuts off the full file name.

    I have done a second download of the zip file from Garritan, thinking maybe the first one was corrupted somehow; same issue.

    I have tried 2 different file locations for my zip file and "temporary" unpack to locations; same result.

    I have tried manually unzipping the "SampesData" folder but was informed there was no data in them (I think that was message), although the "properties" info says there's a gigabyte of data there. It didn't work.

    I have tried winRar and 7zip, thinking maybe the unzipping utility is the problem; same result.

    2) I want my samples to reside on my internal audio samples only drive (D During the install's last steps I reach a point where the personal orchestra installation will happen and there are two steps: Install Personal orchestra - accept default or browse to new location - and install samples; also accept default or brows to new location.

    I initially thought this might be where my problem lay; the GPO4 does NOT want the samples on a different drive. I have, however, tried every combination of choice (all on C: drive) to orchestra on C: samples on D: to both orchestra & samples on D: but my outcome is always the same. I get to the end of the install and receive the same error message.

    I downloaded Winzip today to try another unpacking utility but thought I'd post here for comments before making another try or asking for my money back. I've wasted so much time just trying to get the install to complete I'm tired of the process.

    I emailed tech support yesterday; no reply yet.

    Any comments?


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    Re: GPO4: Unpacking after download for installation (Windows)

    I've used WinZip without any issues. I usually just unzip to the same folder the zip file is in.


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    Re: GPO4: Unpacking after download for installation (Windows)

    Tech support got back to me with the correct solution.

    After unzipping my download, the folder holding all the install files had a comma in its name. The comma in the folder name "tricked" the installer and precluded unzipping of the samples. Solution: Either move the files or rename the folder, removing the comma, at least for the unzipping.

    Install then went without a hitch and samples are on my D: drive, where I want them.


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