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Topic: String Library

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    String Library

    Hi. My H.N is Veron.I`m Japanese.

    I`m looking for a good Strings Library that
    I can load in my XV-5080(Roland).
    By the way I`m sorry but I dont have a
    Giga Sampler.So I was looking for a
    good Strings Library that is in
    Akai S1000,S3000 format or in Roland S-760
    format. I`d like a sound like Hans Zimmer,
    Trevor Rabin,Mark Mancina,Harry Gregson Williams.

    I know some few Sample Libraries like
    Kirk Hunters Virtuoso Strings,Advanced
    Orchestra,Ultimate Strings,
    Roland L-CDX Series,X-samples,Vitous.

    But I dont know what to buy. I`ve looked
    at the past topics that were posted but
    I could`nt find the information that I wanted so I posted a new topic.
    I really appreciate it if someone
    could help me.

    I`m sorry if my english is bad.

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    Re: String Library

    I would look into Kirk Hunter\'s Strings. They sound very realistic, very close to the \"hollywood\" sounds. I have Advanced Orchestra too, but it\'s not as good as Kirk unter\'s strings.

    Miroslav Vitous\' Strings is maybe a little better than Kirk Hunter\'s, but a lot more expensive too.

    In regarding to prices, I would say you get more for your money with Kirk Hunter\'s...
    You get Solo Strings as well with Kirk Hunter\'s. Miroslav Vitous\' Strings, is just string sections.

    Miroslav Vitous\' Solo Strings is splitted onto the 2 Solo CD\'s.

    I don\'t have Ultimate Strings. So I can\'t comment on them.

    Hope this helps a little...


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    Re: String Library

    oops! Please disregard.

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    Re: String Library


    Thank you for the reply, Mr.Ewen.
    I copied and saved your comment to my
    file.I save comments that are very helpful
    and read them back again.Its like taking a
    note in a class at school.

    And about the Kirk Hunter Library,
    I think its good too.But its very
    expensive in japan.Its about $1200 in
    US Dollar.If I`m going to buy it ,
    I think I`ll look on the internet to
    find a store in America or some place that
    will send it to japan.

    I really apperciate your reply.
    Thank you very much!!


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    Re: String Library


    What do you mean by\"Disregard\"?
    If I sad something in my message
    that I posted I apologize.

    Or am I takeing this wrong?


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    Re: String Library


    What do you mean by\"Disregard\"?
    If I sad something that wasn`t
    good in my message that I posted,
    I apologize.

    Or am I takeing this wrong?


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    Re: String Library

    I posted a big long reply about Garritan Orchestral Strings being the best string library out right now, but then I realized you said akai format and it\'s not available in that right now. So I just disregarded it.
    Ultimate Strings in akai format might be good for you. It has great pizzicatos and a beautiful \"violas expressive\" patch.
    It does require some editing and tweaking (some of the strings are a tad bit out of tune if I recall correctly).
    Soundonline is selling Advanced Orchestra strings for $224.00 (no, not the entire library, just the string ensembles), but I don\'t care for the string sounds very much there. The \"soft sustains\" patch however works nice underneath other string sounds to thicken up a track.
    I\'d say if you\'re really serious about wanting to write for strings, save up your money and get Garritan orchestral Strings once the library becomes available in akai format. It is by far the most comprehensive and fascinating string library available. You won\'t be sorry . (www.gigastrings.com)

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    Re: String Library

    I can share my experience. I bought Advanced Orchestra Strings and was very disappointed in the sound. They sound harsh, the exception being the soft sustained strings. The solo strings are also OK. My ears may be old, but I think I hear aliasing in there too. So I saved my pennies and ordered Garritan Orchestral Strings yesterday, obviously I haven\'t heard them.

    BTW for those interested in GOS, but haven\'t taken the plunge, Gary told me there\'s maybe just a couple of weeks left on the introductory price. If it\'s as good as everyone says, sell your TV if you need to. I really hope GOS is that good.

    Steve C

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    Re: String Library


    Yep, It\'s that good!

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    Re: String Library


    Thankyou for the reply,Mr.Damon.
    I went to the Garritan Orchestral Strings
    Web Site and downloaded all the
    Demos.I listen to it and I thought
    WOW!This is great!!! It really sounds
    like a real orchestra.I think I`ll save
    up my money and wait.
    And I wish the company will sell it in a
    Introductory Price for the Akai version,
    when the Akai Version comes out.

    Thankyou very much for your reply.
    I appreciate it alot!!


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