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Topic: Garitan vs. Miroslav?

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    Garitan vs. Miroslav?

    OK; Here\'s my situation. I just bought Giga, it runs beautifully. Now I want strings. I am almost exclusively involved in classical music, and I want to be able to come as close as possible to a string orchestra. For roughly $1,000 I can buy:

    1) Gigastrings fr. Gary Garitan
    2) Miroslav\'s String sections only

    I can\'t afford both. I am hoping for the opinions of people with experience with both libraries, to help me decide which to get.

    I am especially interested in the ability to make fast runs, i.e. the 32nd notes at the end of the IV mvmt Beethoven\'s 7th.

    Looking forward to your advice...



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    Re: Garitan vs. Miroslav?

    I haven\'t used Miroslav but Garritan\'s Orchestral String are really good for fast passages. The whole overall level of realism is much higher as well with GOS than with anything I\'ve heard done on Miroslav.

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    Re: Garitan vs. Miroslav?

    Garritan\'s Orchestral Strings is the only way to go for fast passages. I find Miroslav is mostly only good for slow passages and GOS beats Miroslav hands down on the control you have over phrasing with the help of MaestroTools. You definitely need the alternating patches for those fast repeated 16th note patterns Beethoven uses in most of his fast movements - this will pretty much get rid of the machine gun effect.

    IMO Miroslav should be priced at about $200 for what it gives you compared to GOS. GOS is a state of the art library which has rendered all other string libraries obsolete that I have or have worked with.

    Pick up GOS while it still at the introductory price. Soundchaser has it for $949.

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    Re: Garitan vs. Miroslav?

    Its hard for anyone to believe what I say about GOS anymore since I\'ve been just gabbing about it since I got the word that it was \"ok\" frokm Gary, but man...for fast articulations? its awesome. there are a lot fo different articulations for short bows so you can create some really great performances with them.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Garitan vs. Miroslav?

    There are two ways of approaching fast passages with GOS. One is to use the long bows (of which there are MANY different choices (it\'s like having 3 or 4 libraries in one), apply maestro tools mono mode whereby you can play fast runs in mono and sustained notes all in one.

    The other way is to use the GOS short bows of which there are MANY MANY choices, like having maybe 5 libraries in one. You don\'t get the usual marcato 1 and marcato 2 choices, there\'s sautille p, sautille mf, marcato, spiccato mp, spiccato mf etc and tehy all sound different. sometimes I use the \"p\" samples in loud passages because they have a different quality.

    On top of all that you can use Maestro to automatically alternate the short bows. Nothing out there sounds more realistic than this. I have stopped using Miroslav since getting the GOS library.

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    Re: Garitan vs. Miroslav?

    Absolutely go with GOS. There are soooo many choices and articulations to choose from and the sounds are fantastic. You will be amazed at the Up and Down bowings and the grand detaches are so very lovely.
    Miroslav doesn\'t come remotely close to what Gigastrings has to offer.
    GOS-16 CDs
    Miroslav-1 CD

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    Re: Garitan vs. Miroslav?

    Absolutley .

    Miroslav does,nt even come close . The sound of Garritan alone is awsome , let alone the number of articulations , the only drag ( and I think it is the ONLY one)is lack of top octave on many of the short bows . But i,m sure they will be more samples soon to fix that . Till then you get 16 cd,s to play with and I have,nt found one unusable patch yet . And the bottom line is they sound like the real thing , no irratating swells , no harshness no screeching . I am sure you will not be dissapointed


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    Re: Garitan vs. Miroslav?

    Thank you everyone for your opinions! I am a complete novice/hobbyist with very little sampler experience, but who has an obsession with classical music and a sincere desire to jump in and see what I can do if I had some serious tools. I think my mind is made up.... It is great to be able to get access to so many informed opinions... Thanks again... (Now I have to wait for the discs, argh, but its worth it...)

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    Re: Garitan vs. Miroslav?

    BTW, what are the chances that I can run Logic Audio on the same 1 Ghz pentium (512 MB, 20 + 60 Western Digital, Echo Gina24)? Thanks!

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    Re: Garitan vs. Miroslav?


    I spoke recently with Gary Garritan and he says that he plans to extend the top octave where needed of the short bows!!

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