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Topic: Violins fall

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    Violins fall

    Hi everyone,
    i have GOP4 and Cubase 5.
    I'm looking for the effect of a short violin hit, falling down (slide)
    This is very common in Disco or funk.
    Is there a way to do it ?
    I've been searching a lot, tweaking a lot but didn't find anything..
    Another thing, GOP 4 is said to be working with VST expressions. But no expression map is delivered. So i guess we have to do it ourselves or does it work with a kind of preset ?
    Thanks a lot,
    Btw the sound is ridiculously good !

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    Re: Violins fall

    Hi there,

    Where did you install the Garritan "library" to on your machine? (i.e., did you install the samples etc. in a different location?)

    e.g., the VST Expression maps for me are in :-
    <Location where library installed>\Garritan\Personal Orchestra 4\VST Expression maps

    Though I'm finding VST Expression to be a little bit glitchy on Cubase 5. (A Steinberg issue, I mean, not a Garritan one)

    Nick (one Nick to another ;-) )

    PS - As for the violin fall, I would be inclined to select Auto Legato on a Section Violin and have 2 overlapping notes and play with the Portamento setting until it sounds about right on playback. Hopefully the gurus might know of something better.

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    Re: Violins fall

    There are loads of crazy things you could try. A technique that comes to mind maybe is...

    Violin Sus - Bends down quickly, Volume up and down to make it jab
    Violin Short - Bunch of hits, then EQ it to make it hide behind the Violin Sus.

    You could try getting as close as you can with GM MIDI sounds first, also, if nothing else works. Chances are you're going to get a much better mock-up than you would the real thing.

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