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Topic: Waterphone/Glass Harmonica

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    Waterphone/Glass Harmonica

    Anyone know a sample library that has these instruments?

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    Re: Waterphone/Glass Harmonica

    Hey Donnie!

    Remember me? I emailed some suggestions on your site about the library you just mentioned quite some time ago. How is it coming along? Will it feature the Space Bass as well?
    If you\'re looking for some mean chinese cymbal scrapes (like the one I mailed you), give me a shout!
    Anyway, looking forward to it; when do you expect it to ship?

    Kind regards,

    Joris de Man

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    Re: Waterphone/Glass Harmonica


    Great to hear from you again!

    Things have been going good but slow. I would to hear what you have. Email me and lets talk!



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    Re: Waterphone/Glass Harmonica

    Donnie & Joris de Man,

    Waterphones and CYMBAL SCRAPES?

    There goes another check, again....

    When will this be out?

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    Re: Waterphone/Glass Harmonica

    They will be on our Percussive FX library....

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    Re: Waterphone/Glass Harmonica

    Hmmm...what else is on it, Donnie? Bowed vibraphone?

    [This message has been edited by Aaron Symonds (edited 10-06-2001).]

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    Re: Waterphone/Glass Harmonica

    Not to sound overly enthusiastic, but when is it due out?

    Yeah, I know, I asked that question a few days ago!!!

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    Re: Waterphone/Glass Harmonica

    Hey Donnie and everybody!
    Sorry about the dumb question, but what is a space bass? And what about a bowed saw? Oh well.


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    Re: Waterphone/Glass Harmonica


    Thats not a dumb question at all!

    A \"space bass\" is a steel instrument developed by Constance Demby, http://www.constancedemby.com

    You can see pictures of it and actually hear it played at her site.

    Bowed saw is actually a pretty common percussion effect. Think of a long saw being bent and hit at the same time.

    I also just obtained about 12 circular saw blades ranging in size from 5-18 inches that I will be recording also.

    This one is going to take awhile since it\'s one of those libraries where you add to it as you go so I don\'t really want to give a date yet as it would be premature to do so.


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