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Topic: Windows XP + Cubase

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    Windows XP + Cubase

    Hi, I'm hoping someone here will be able to help me!

    I'm using a Cubase Studio 4 Port with Windows XP Professional Version 2002, 2gb RAM.

    Cubase opens fine, but I can't get any sound from it at all. With Audacity I can record a sound file through a mic connected to a lightsnake usb (I think the lightsnake has a sound card inside it) and then straight into my laptop, this works perfect in Audacity, it records the sound and plays it back.
    But Cubase won't do any of that.

    Cubase will import a file that I've saved using Audacity, but there's no sound when I play it, the levels go up and down as it plays but nothing comes out of the speakers.

    I've tried to find a way for Cubase to record directly on to its tracks using the mic+lightsnake as an input, but I can't find how to do this, the buses keep saying "not connected". And I can't find why it isn't connecting to the speakers for playback.

    I've installed ASIO4ALL to try to fix this problem.

    I would rather be able to record directly into Cubase, but if this isn't possible then I'd settle for importing the sound files from Audacity if I could get the sound to work when I play them back.

    Can anyone here help me with this?

    Any help on this would be great!!!

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    Re: Windows XP + Cubase

    Are is audio output section in Cubase assigned to ASIO4ALL? You need to setup both input and output to hear sound. I'm not a Cubase user so I'm not sure what the menu options are.


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    Re: Windows XP + Cubase

    Pretty much certain that you just need to configure your input and output buss' within Cubase. I run Cubase 4 but dont have my users guide with me here. Look in your guide for something about setting up input/output buss'.

    If you're still having troubles go to the Cubase support forum...


    Good luck

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    Re: Windows XP + Cubase

    A solution If you have a computer magazine cover disc with Cubase 5 trial version on it, then uninstall your present cubase, and install the trial. then install the proper cubase. this worked for me, as before i couldn't get cubase to run either.

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    Windows XP + Cubase

    15. January 2009, Steinberg has announced a new version of Cubase 5 is officially completed and began distributing its January 27, 2009. Many new features are: a drum machine features vocal pitch correction and editing, VST instruments for joint expression of simple editing tool, improved data management and automation convolution VST3 plug-in. This version also supports 64-bit, Windows Vista and Windows 7.

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