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Topic: J-Slap - update 2.0 released!

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    J-Slap - update 2.0 released!

    All registered owners of Scarbee J-Slap can now download update 2.0. (5 MB exe-file)

    New stuff:

    1) Composer Bass - this is a true one-program version of the Studio Bass with all the articulations.This bass is fine for the composing of the bass lines.

    2) Bass String E-A-D-G - 4 programs - each containing samples from just one single string, but with all the articulations of the Studio Bass. These programs are perfect to use in combination with the Studio Bass or the Composer Bass. If your interested in using a guitar or bass MIDI controller, these 4 programs will come in handy. That way, you can map each string of your MIDI controller to separate MIDI channels and put these instruments on each channel.

    3) Fretnoise - A complete new set of 26 Fretnoise samples from Scarbee J-Fingered mapped the same way, to make it easier when using both libraries together.

    4) Sequencer Patch Names - version 1.4 with the new Slap, Fingered and Expansion Pack 1 names.

    5) Updated Help-files



    Visit www.scarbee.com and check out the demoes from The Scarbee Bass Libraries

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    Re: J-Slap - update 2.0 released!

    I assume we must re-register on the web site even if we have registered already? If reregistration is necessary, can you provide a secure server?


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    Re: J-Slap - update 2.0 released!

    Hi Sam,

    The registration is not on Nemesys page, but on www.scarbee.com and is a registration of the J-Slap & J-Fingered.

    The main purpuse is to avoid giving away free updates and expansions to people who have not purchased the CDs. The next free download may be 1200 (3x400) new samples - I don\'t want to give them away to the wrong people, right?

    You are not transferred to a secure server.



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    Re: J-Slap - update 2.0 released!

    OK, I get it. Your stuff is great and I appreciate the update and your needs. It still would be better if you could do this with SSL, privacy is important too! Maybe you could interest Tascam in this, it\'s good for their customers and I assume they took over your distribution. Nemesys did not have a secure sever either, unacceptable in their case IMO.

    thanks again

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    Re: J-Slap - update 2.0 released!

    What is the meaning of a \"BASS COMPOSER\"?
    Does it compose a bass part
    if given the chords and the style?
    That could be cool!

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    Re: J-Slap - update 2.0 released!

    Hi eilamgross:

    It is called Composer Bass - and is a program with a \"natural key-mapping\" based on the Studio bass. It sounds nice and is therefor good when composing the bass lines.

    The stuff you talk about would be cool - but it is still a bit science fiction. But who knows? Garritan already have his Maestro tools - which I wish I had for my libraries...



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