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Topic: Adaptec's DirectCD and Gigasampler

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    Adaptec\'s DirectCD and Gigasampler


    Can anyone confirm that Adaptec\'s Direct CD does, or does not, interfere with Gigasampler performance? (Direct CD is handy for swapping files between two computers that both have CD burners, but it runs in the background.)

    Anyone have any info?

    Thanks and regards,

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    Re: Adaptec\'s DirectCD and Gigasampler

    Works just fine for me.


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    Re: Adaptec\'s DirectCD and Gigasampler

    Just to clarify, I\'m asking about DirectCD version 3, which comes now bundled with EZ CD Creator 4.


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    Re: Adaptec\'s DirectCD and Gigasampler

    revision 3.KR running smoothly with gs.
    i believe you can stop it from running in the background with a simple ctrl+alt+del operation.
    anyway, rewriting backups is a far too risky thing i my opinion.
    and you\'d better install all your audio-apps on a second boot-unit for best performance.
    but afaik, they do work together.


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