When you layer tracks accross ports. You can \"tune\" the snare a bit. Copy the snare prt to its own track, and coarse tune just the \"dry\" samples with Giga\'s Coarse tune slider. Most of the ring is captured in this sample and you can tune it to your song. I find that lowering it on th first kit about 2-3 semitones and leaving the overs and room alone(overs have a great crack) sounds good. I haven\'t fooled with the otehr kits with this,..but it shoud work wonders.

I\'m sure you could go one tep more and tune jsut the snare for more beef, and leave the rim shots alone to leave the ring the same..You can get away with dropping or raising the overs as well about a semitone..but it sounds weird after that

Really...I am an Idiot