Hello, I\'ve been reading this board for a while and I\'d now like to ask something...

I\'m going to buy a reverb unit to use with orchestral libraries and I have to chose between a TC M3000 and a Lexicon PCM91 (nothing more expensive!).

I used to have Lexicon Alex but I\'ve sold it to upgrade and I listened to the MPX-1 but I didn\'t like it.
So I borrowed once an M3000 which had a really beautiful sound and, IMO, put into light some not so well recorded samples like, for example, Adv. Orch. Strings and Horns.
The problem is I cannot find a PCM91 to borrow and I would like to have some advice from those who could compare it against the M3000.

On HarmonyCentral you can \'try\' these reverb units right now, but I don\'t know if I should trust the mp3 encoding... anyway it looks like the character of the PCM91 is not so different from an MPX-1 (it has a typical em.... Lexicon sound!!!)... and the M3000 has a more open \'space\'.

OK, enough from me... any advice?


P.S. To IOComposer... I think you answered me once somewhere else about this subject and you own them both... if I remember you said the PCM91 is more suited to music... right? I also listened to the Mac plugins but I have a PC and would like to use hardware dedicated gear. It would be great to hear more from you if you have time, thanks.