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Topic: User's Manual

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    User\'s Manual

    Is there an actual User\'s Guide (not the Getting Started, but an actual PDF that describes the program)?


    David \'Dasher\' Kempton

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    Re: User\'s Manual

    Wouldn\'t that be nice? A detailed manual explaining how to use GigaStudio? There is nothing on the Instrument Editor for example.

    Tascam? You might consider hiring a senior software tech writer, such as moi, to directly address the needs of your devoted users (also moi).

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    Re: User\'s Manual

    As I\'ve said on the \"Wish List\":

    Gigastudio should come with a comprehensive written manual, (ala Emulator manuals) complete with written step by step tutorials.

    The lack of written material that comes with Gigastudio is a crime compared to groundbreaking quality of this technology.

    TASCAM: can you please produce a proper MANUAL?

    This request is not for a luxury, its a request for something that shouldn\'t have been ommitted in the first place.

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    Re: User\'s Manual

    There was a printed manual that came with GigaSampler when I bought it. It’s out of date now, but still a lot better than nothing…

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    Re: User\'s Manual

    Yes, that manual is much better than nothing. Luckily I held on to it but we should be getting even more than that: more like the EIV manuals.

    My biggest gripe is not only did Gigastudio not come with any written material whatsoever, when I asked for Nemesys (at the time) to send me GigaSTUDIO written material (a booklet nowhere near as comprehensive as the older gigaSAMPLER manual) I was charged about $30 for it!!

    Right now I WOULD pay for a comprehensive manual, but that $30 was a rip-off. All we\'re asking for is a manual to use the product we just paid for.

    But like I said, if a manual or users guide was developed by even a third party, if it was comprehensive, I\'d pay for it (again).

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    Re: User\'s Manual

    Amen to everyone\'s request for a manual.

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    Re: User\'s Manual

    Hi Robert.
    Im a registered owner of giga studio 160.
    And I agree giga studio needs a manual.
    But for the time being would you be interested in scanning that little manual that you have,and paste it here on this thread?
    You might have to post it a couple times [different parts of the manual ]just in case there is a word limitation per post.
    Or if you would send it to people here that list there email address to recieve it.
    The Giga Gods will look down on you favorably for your deed.
    Thanks , Ken

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    Re: User\'s Manual


    I second the request, if you\'re willing. And if you\'re anywhere near Monterey CA and need a scanner, you\'re welcome to come use mine!


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    Re: User\'s Manual

    Hi guys,

    The smaller (much smaller) GigaSTUDIO \"manual\" like I said was a rip off. IT tells you how to install, load instruments etc. It doesn\'t give you instructions on giga-editing, except for the merge and crossfade layers via modwheel, whcih is the exact same tutorial as on the nemesys site.

    In a rush but I\'ll take a look later to see if it teaches anything else. Like I said, a total ripoff for $30.

    I think we should all do the following: search the internet for tutorials and tips on Gigastudio, and post them here so we have some kind of list, as complete as possible. There\'s surprisingly little on the internet as far as I can tell. I\'ll post some links soon as I did find a few but I\'m in a rush right now.

    I s\'pose this should really be under \"Tips & Tricks\".

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