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Topic: pure e-basses is shipping

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    pure e-basses is shipping

    the latest two products of our \"pure\" series are shipping!
    Hope you will enjoy pure e-basses and will find useful instruments for your music productions.
    Check out \"www.yellowtools.com\" for demos, detailed information and distributors.

    So long...


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    Re: pure e-basses is shipping

    Are they available from http://soundsonline.com yet? I couldn\'t find any listing for them. The demos sound good, if they end up being the same price as Pure Guitars $135.00 this will be a good buy.

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    Re: pure e-basses is shipping

    Hi Dave,
    available from soundsonline in about 2 weeks (depends on the date they will order).
    The price will be about $150.00 each.


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    Re: pure e-basses is shipping

    Actually, they arrived in stock today! I\'ve already ordered mine and will have it tomorrow! I have been looking forward to a decent fingered bass library for quite a while. The price is great too. Can\'t wait for the next E-series product. Which I won\'t say anything about for now.

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    Re: pure e-basses is shipping

    For those interested, a good demo for the e-basses from Yellow Tools is available here:

    This demo isn\'t very heavy on musicianship, but it does demonstrate the tone and quality of the libraries.

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