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Topic: Quantum Leap Home Page?

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    Quantum Leap Home Page?

    Call me stupid, but I can\'t find a home page or official email address for support, updates, etc., for the Quantum Leap collection of samples. I have their Guitar and Bass library. They have several high profile libraries but I have yet to find their official website! Can anbody help? Thanks...

    p.s. I know Nick Phoenix works for them, or perhaps he IS Quantum Leap??

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    Re: Quantum Leap Home Page?

    I believe Nick IS Quantum Leap.

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    Re: Quantum Leap Home Page?

    I actually emailed Nick about a week ago asking regarding his plans for a web-site and he hasn\'t gotten back to yet about it. If he does I\'ll let you know.

    I think he\'s been spending so much time creating amazing sound libraries and composing that he hasn\'t had time to put up a web-site. I suppose one day he\'ll get around to it.

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    Re: Quantum Leap Home Page?

    All Quantum leap info can be found at soundsonline.com. In about a month there will be a Quantum Leap page within soundsonline.com. This will contain demos, updates/ articulation files, tips, new release info etc.

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    Re: Quantum Leap Home Page?

    Sounds Great! I can\'t wait to see it.

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