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Topic: Guitar And Bass Libraries - Thank you!

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    Guitar And Bass Libraries - Thank you!

    Just wanted to drop a line to those developers who are focusing more and more on electric bass and guitar libraries. This is one area that was really lacking in the Giga sample libraries. I still think there is room for some good electric guitar strums, rhythm libraries, good power leads, etc. And of course a fat heavy picked rock bass would be sweet. Much thicker and fatter than the Sonic Implants bass. I\'ve had some great success running my clear guitar patches through external devices like the J-Station. This is really sweet. My Roland XV-3080 has some amazing Guitar patches as well, but nothing as robust as what is available in Giga format. The new stuff from Quantum Leap and Vintaudio.com (look Nick, THEY have a home page!!) sound cool and will be worthy additions to my library. I am SOOOO glad I waited the extra 6 months before releasing my music. My dream of being a virtual rock band is just about complete. This is just way to awesome. Oopps.. I just got asked to play live, what do I do???

    Scarbee, Quantum Leap, Vintaudio, Yellowtools, Sonic Implants, thank you for your efforts! Keep up the amazing work!

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    Re: Guitar And Bass Libraries - Thank you!

    I agree 100% with you, Munsie.
    Thanks a lot to all these people who make part of our \"convincing guitar & bass performances\" dreams come true...
    The lack of such libraries made me frustrated for years, and I realize that now we really start having the potential for achieving those fretted lines we had in mind !
    Thanks again to all the skilled people you mentioned !

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    Re: Guitar And Bass Libraries - Thank you!

    Thanks guys,

    Someday you will se a guitar library from me too...



    PS: But where are the drums???

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    Re: Guitar And Bass Libraries - Thank you!

    I think the greatest place of need for Giga libraries is a well recorded thorough World Library. Repeat!

    Thorough. Big. Complete. Not highlights of Hollywood instruments but THE STUFF that the world is made of.

    12 VOLUMES...each volume a different region of the world. Giga made. Giga ready. Gigaphoric!!

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    Re: Guitar And Bass Libraries - Thank you!

    Thx Munsie
    I really think we\'re only seeing the beginning of better things to come, i can\'t wait to see Alien connections Revalver in Gigastudio, and by the looks of libraries coming out, it\'s gonna be sweet

    Vintaudio. www.vintaudio.com

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