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Topic: OT Giga Tutorial Here

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    OT Giga Tutorial Here

    Just found a pointer to this several lesson Giga tutorial on an Italian site.

    It has a zip of demo gigs and Cakewalk files as well.

    For those hankeing for a little more than the dry context menus, this may tide you over until the Two Daves get their stuff out:

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    Re: OT Giga Tutorial Here

    Thanks for the tip, Chadwick.

    This is just the sort of stuff I need. You mentioned that \"The two Daves\" are working on something. Is that going to be an working man\'s guide to the Giga world? (Gigastudio for dummies?)

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    Re: OT Giga Tutorial Here

    At least a humungo multimedia (cdrom) tutorial.

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    Re: OT Giga Tutorial Here

    David Govett here. (formerly NemeSys)
    I am working on a very detailed 2 CD-ROM tutorial with realtime screen animation and with Me and Kevin talking and explaining everything from uninstalling the GigaSampler and upgrading to GigaStudio and installing sounds, using the main interface and some detailed editor instruction. It will include a complete build it yourself surprise instrument. (a usefull one also)
    A ton of library work has been in line in front of this project so it is a bit behind the schedule I would have preferred. I\'ll start keeping you all posted on the progress on this forum starting today.
    At this point, I hope to have most of the instruction \"in the can\" ready for editing by weeks end.
    I spent a good month just experimenting and developing the work flow and final format options. It will be a help file with real smooth AVI tutorial throughout it, 10 frames per second, 22khz mono most of it. My work flow also allows for a high quality master for a possible VHS type video. One important note... This tutorial will be 800x600 screen size to better fit on your screen and to save space on the disk. You need to be sure to run GigaStudio at 1024x768 to avoid all the extra scrolling and dragging.
    Thanks for your patience.
    Dave (NemeSys Dave not Tascam Dave who also is a Giga Guru and about the same size as me with a similar beard. We could be easily confused)

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    Re: OT Giga Tutorial Here

    hmm, big bearded guys with studio tans presenting the ultimate Gst tutorial...

    Perhaps it\'s more appropriate to have a flashy blonde nymph presenting it. Dave 1 (or Dave 2) could simply resynch her speech with his own to add a bit of cred to it.

    I bet you\'d get people buying it who weren\'t even musicians.

    Come to think of it - how about a DVD with extra content (you know - all that \'behind the scenes stuff and bloopers - things like where she dropped the presentation card too low while the camera was still rolling etc,).

    Sorry, sorry ...don\'t know what I\'m saying. Had a bit of a cold lately. The prescribed medication is only experimental and I don\'t think it agrees with me... just disregard everything above which you find objectionable or not PC (no, not wintel PC)...

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    Re: OT Giga Tutorial Here

    Better now...

    Hey Dave G (even looks like a C doesn\'t it?)

    Please tell me that part of the tutorial will show you guys doing a step by step for interfacing Gst with each of the main three sequencers, and explaining the benefits and limitations thereof.

    I know there\'s a big diff depending on which soundcard you use, but it\'d be mighty useful.

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    Re: OT Giga Tutorial Here

    I\'ll see what we can do. We already plan to show how to use it with the sequencers in MIDI only mode for sure. I can also show Logic and Cakewalk using audio competently but am a bit rusty making Cubase audio work even without the sampler. We\'ll get a local Cubase expert to help us with that part.

    Thanks for the suggestion, we\'ll do it to some extent.
    David Govett

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