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Topic: Running Giga sampled instruments in HALion

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    Running Giga sampled instruments in HALion

    Quoted by Adrian H on another thread:

    \"Does anyone on this forum also use Halion?

    If they do, perhaps someone wouldn\'t mind starting a thread which lets us all know what Gig files they have reun in Halion and if they need any alterations once they are ported over.


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    In response to Adrian H\'s question concerning HALion on another thread, Version 1.1 of HALion translates and runs uncompressed Giga sampled instruments perfectly, at least from my own personal experience.

    I have successfully loaded and played my \"Vintage Guitars and Tenor Banjos\" and \"Classic Accordions\" Giga instruments into HALion. It is a very simple and straightforward procedure, with loading and translating accomplished in one easy step. The megatrigg feature in HALion version 1.1 set up my release trigger samples where they responded properly.

    I would tend to think that most Giga instruments would load and translate into HALion very well, with maybe minimal sacrifices on Giga instruments that contain some complex programming features. I am sure these more complex programmed Giga instruments, for the most part, would translate fairly well into HALion, where they would be most usable and playable.

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    Re: Running Giga sampled instruments in HALion

    I also have tested my library Vintaudio\'s Giga Clean Electric Guitars in Halion, in fact, all the processed demos of the library were done in Halion, Gigastudio not yet having implemented Revalver, and they translate very well except i had to do something special, in Halion i had to export selecting all the samples except one empty space in the sample section that would cause the program to crash when it got to that empty space using regular export procedure.
    So the trick is to export usind the waves section and selecting all samples except that empty space and it translates perfectly, it even translates the program wich i found cool but odd knowing i had only selected to import waves.

    Franky, www.vintaudio.com

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    Re: Running Giga sampled instruments in HALion

    Thanks for replying gentlemen!

    If anyone else has experience of using Giga files in Halion please post in this forum.

    Certainly for use in the Computer based studios at work, Halion has proved to be very useful for the kids - and using Giga based samples in the system is a real boon without having to use seperate systems for Gigastudio systems aswell. (I know that it is possible to run Gigastudio on the same PC as Cubase, but kids have a tendency to fiddle and alter system settings for fun!)


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