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Topic: Combing .GIGs?

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    Combing .GIGs?


    Is this possible, and if so..how?

    You have two favorite .gigs that you would love to use in 1 large .gig file and then keyswitch between them at will? If this is possible could someone leave detailed instructions? Thanks....

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    Re: Combing .GIGs?

    You can merge one file to another, and then combine instruments from within each:

    1) Open the .gig file to which you want to append the other .gig file using the GigaStudio Instrument Editor application.

    2) Pull down \"Merge file...\" from the \"File\" menu.

    3) Choose the other .gig file you wish to add and click \"open\". At that point, all of the instruments from within that second .gig file will be appended to the one you opened, and now be added to the bottom of the list at the left.

    4) Select the instruments you wish to combine into one NEW instrument by control-clicking each one you wish to combine.

    5) Pull down \"Combine instruments...\" from the \"Edit\" menu. At this point, you\'ll be prompted a few steps such as how you wish to combine....Where it says \"Using this controller..., use use \"keyboard\" for keyswitching.

    6) After you\'ve created this new instrument, right-click it, and choose \"Properties\". Where it says \"Dimension key start/end\", choose the range of keys that will be used for engaging the keyswitch. I usually use a range below the audible range of the mapped samples in the actual instrument. If you have 4 dimensions (layers), then make sure to assign a range that has at least 4 half steps in it...such as C1 to D#1. Then, each dimension will be assigned a switch starting at C1. If you have more dimensions (layers), then add more range to the start/end range. Note that for example, if you have only 4 dimensions in the instrumet, yet you\'ve assigned a key start/end range that is more than 4 half steps, you\'ll find that the keyswitching will occur on, perhaps, whole steps starting with whatever key you\'ve assigned for the start key.

    7) Save your new .gig file with a new name.

    Hope that helps.


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    Re: Combing .GIGs?

    I couldn\'t be said any better!

    Note, though, that this procedure works with GigaStudio… Not GigaSampler.

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