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Topic: Hey KIng!

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    Hey KIng!

    Did you pick up Voices of the Apocalypse yet?


    Francis Belardino
    Sound Designer
    Audio Visions, LTD.
    Wilmington, DE.

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    Re: Hey KIng!

    Nope not yet. Is it released?

    I might wait a week or so tho. I just ordered a custom Ztar with all the extras and paid my car insurance as well as Rent ANd lost some money gambling this weekend.....but my B-day is coming up AND someone owes me money

    hmmm maybe its time to go work a corner for a couple of days.

    I do want it. I was watching the \"bootleg\" directors cit of Bruce Campbell vs The Army of Darkness and kept hearing the angel like choir sound and all Ikept thinking of was VotA, as well I was listening to the Avalon soundtrack which opens with a nice choir sound and all I thought was....\"mmmmm VotA\" in a very homer Simpson sort of way

    plus someone just called me while typijng this telling me they have and Xbox on hold they dont want...... tho I dont think I want that piece of caca just yet.

    sigh if its out. I\'ll order it this week.....heheee

    Really...I am an Idiot

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