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Topic: How to Spend my $3,900

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    How to Spend my $3,900

    Hi gang, a newcomer to the world of Gigastudio (but an experienced hand at sampled orchestral composition) invites your alternative ideas.
    Up until yesterday, I was pretty sure I was gonna spring for the entire Miroslav library (which I can just barely manage financially), based mainly on its general reputation and Bruce Richardson’s gushing review in the Feb. 2000 Pro Rec.
    But after copious reading of this forum, I am getting the drift that Gary Garritan’s Orchestral Strings are now considered superior to Miroslav’s and that the rest of his library, while still very respectable, is beginning to be regarded as old hat (not too surprising considering how long it’s been around).
    Consequently, I’m kicking around such ideas as buying GOS, Dan Dean’s solo woodwinds and brass, the Ultimate Percussion Library, and relying on my old Roland brass library (not THAT bad) until Kirk Hunter or someone else comes up with a new boffo brass product. Or perhaps Advanced Orchestra is not that bad (apart from the strings). ... In the end, I may save $500 to $750 or so.
    The $$ is not the major issue, though. Sound is. ... Is the Miroslav package simply suffering from being taken for granted, or have Garritan, Dean, et. al. really topped him quality wise? ... And how many of those down on Miroslav have actually shelled out for the Gigastudio version? Perhaps it sounds a bit better than his earlier ones.
    I’d really appreciate some thoughts. I’m in a fairly isolated situation and am not acquainted with anyone who owns any of these products. ... I am a serious composer who’d like to get the most for his limited bucks.
    Mille grazie to all!

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    Re: How to Spend my $3,900

    Your thoughts seem sane to me. Ultimate Orchestral Percussion pretty much covers the basic needs for good orchestral percussion. If you\'re crazy about timpani (like me ) you could buy Ultimate Timpani too. And there is no doubt that GOS is a lot better than Miroslavs strings. Better sound, more than 500 patches (if I am not mistaken) compared to the few in Miroslav. Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds... uhm havent played with the library myself, but frankly from what I\'ve heard it doesnt sound that good - Miroslav\'s woodwinds are really good and expressive and beautifully played. You might consider Quantum Leap Brass for brass, or maybe wait until someone comes out with a new library.

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    Re: How to Spend my $3,900

    <BLOCKQUOTE><font size=\"1\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Simon Ravn:
    Ultimate Orchestral Percussion pretty much covers the basic needs for good orchestral percussion. If you\'re crazy about timpani (like me ) you could buy Ultimate Timpani too.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Simon, does it mean Ultimate Orchestral Percussion also includes basic timpani? Is it enough for most orchestral works if a lot of timpani is required?


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    Re: How to Spend my $3,900

    Ultimate Percussion does include some timpani and they are quite nice but are then smited mightily by the additional Ultimate Timpani. (I\'m a timpanist so I can vouch for them) If timps are important to your work, get the set. It adds a whole level of power to a peice. (watch for some of my music to appear on the user demos section that will show some of this stuff off.)
    GOS strings do rule I must say and I am a huge Miroslav fan ( of both the man and the library. He is as cool as his library) . I find myself still using the Miroslav brass, especially the ff french horns. (nobody had matched that huge f horn ensemble sound yet.) Some of the trumpet sounds are also indespensible though they can be hard to use. It takes a little skill and experimenting to get it to work right. Bruce Richardson is right in all aspects of his review but I find that they need to be used alongside other libraries. I start with GOS strings, Dan Dean brass & wood, ultimate percussion & timps, Garriton harp, Miroslav brass, and I rely heavily still on Advanced Orchestra for some of the woodwind and brass effects like trills, runs, and riffs etc. The new libraries have done well on the basic sustain sounds but have ignored all the helpfull effects. Imagine a string library without half and whole step trills. I\'m afraid that my 7 meg flute and piccolo trills always trump my CD sized (and very beautifull) flute & piccolo trying to play the trill in. It just doesn\'t compare. The AO sustain flute however are no match for Dan Dean. The Miroslav stuff still holds up considering how old the library is. He basically worked some amazing magic with those musicans that has not been completely replaced with all of the new libraries but it is a bit pricy now in todays market. I\'ve always juged libraries by the standard of \"will it kick the miroslav stuff off my hard drive\" Right now, for brass and wood, nothing has removed completely done that. Many times, as much as I want to use the new wood and brass libraries, certain miroslav and AO patches are the only thing that work for certain music. For percussion, I\'m only using some of his bass drums and gongs. Everything else got trumped by ultimate percussion. GOS strings however is cleaning up my hard drive of all the string libraries except for some expressive miroslav patches and some AO 97 upgrade up&down bow staccato strings.
    Hope this long winded feedback helps.
    David Govett

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    Re: How to Spend my $3,900


    Man, we\'re lucky to have you hanging around here. I\'m looking forward to checking out your GS CR-ROM.

    I\'m still a definite newbie on GS, but the more I learn about it the more I love it.

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    Re: How to Spend my $3,900


    howabout I bark like a dog and you give it to me? heheee

    Dave\'s cmments are right on, except that I think he forgot to mention QL Brass. Its a great addition to both DD and AO brass. GOS is the main String library IMO now. Others will help for layering just general extras, but GOS is the one that you should start with. Ultimate strings has some aggressive attacks that are fun to layer in with GOS for an added sense of variation in attacks. US sustains aren\'t that nice tho.

    Also Choir. you may want to loo into Nick\'s/QL\'s new choir library as well. I\'m waiting for the Thanksgiving sale at sounds online before I buy that sucker.

    You\'re going to find \"missing\" things from every library, which is whyinmy opinion the best bet is to just buy everything. It doesn\'t have to be at once but slowly, the more options, the better chance you\'ll have what you need for a particular piece. Not to mention each library hs its own sound and some sounds are better for some pieces. Nothing will be a one stop solution.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: How to Spend my $3,900

    Thanks much, folks. ... And keep \'em coming if anyone else wants to weigh in.
    Dave -- Garritan\'s strings DON\'T have whole and half-step trills? Oy vey. ... Gonna have to stick with my \"cold, clinical\" (very apt description) Denny Jaegers for the time being.
    King -- thanks for clarifying that A0 is still of use. I note that the price keeps dropping. ...

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    Re: How to Spend my $3,900

    Wait a min. My copy of GOS does have the trills. At least the violins do I know. I don\'t have it with me here so double check your files. Perhaps I got a special magickal copy or something.
    I did forget to mention how nice the QL brass is also. It covers many bases including jazz and orchestral very well. The tuba is simply balzy to say the least and so far, it has some of the best sax samples around. It\'s a good brass section to start with no doubt.
    Take care

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    Re: How to Spend my $3,900

    There are Trills in GOS.

    I think David meant to speak of a certain woodwind library without trills. I\'d like to add that there aren\'t crecendos in that same woodwind library either. Its my main problem with those two as solo librries. Where is the expressiveness? Having a wide dynamic range is awesome...but it sounds static if your stuck in one dynamic range for a long sustain. For faster passages its fine. Non the less I still like DD solo brass. Filters help alittle in it, and using some of the ensembles (after some editing) it sounds quite good. The woodwinds were originally programmed like a sample gloat library. The updates are supposed to be better. I haven\'t registered either yet so I haven\'t gotten the updates yet.

    AO is a workhorse, but it has MANY shortcomings, mostly because it tries to cover the whole orchestra. The sound isn\'t the greatest anymore.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: How to Spend my $3,900

    I have to agree with Dave and KingIdiot in library choices. I would definitely recommend the DDSW but you need to mix them with other libraries such as AO and I also use Xsample woodwinds. Using just one woodwind library gives you the organ sound - that\'s why I hate woodwind library demos!

    Haven\'t had a chance to purchase DDSB as of yet but will soon. I also like to mix libraries for brass.

    I\'m waiting for the London Percussion to come out. Done by the same folks who brought us the Ultimate Percussion Library.

    For strings you must get GOS. It has pretty much any articulation you can think of. Many string libraries claim they have certain articulations, up/down bowing, etc. but they only seem to be for one section. GOS gives you these choices for all the sections and is the only library with 2nd Violins. The 2nd violins are different samples than the 1st violins!

    Have fun shopping!!

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