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Topic: Basic libraries...I know, again, again...

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    Basic libraries...I know, again, again...

    Okay, here\'s the deal...

    I keep reading various pros and cons of different libraries, but I thought I\'d ask for a little more specific advice.

    I\'m working on writing music that varies through pop/rock/alternative/new-ageish; basically, I don\'t have a style. I\'ve got GigaStudio 96 feeding into Vegas Audio for mixdown & effects (also\'ve got gobs of outboard gear if I need it). I currently have GigaPiano (of course) and the GM500 library, and SmartLoops\' Dry Studio Kit. What would you recommend for Gtr/Bass/Drums/whatever\'s \"can\'t live without\"?

    I definitely want the Scarbee bass libraries <drool, drool>, and I like what I\'ve heard of the new Vintaudio guitar libs (the QL demos don\'t suck, either...). I like the idea of putting my own sound on them by passing it out through my J-Station or using ReValver. Dunno what to do about acoustics, though. Matt Ragan? Corrigan? Acoustic Essentials?

    Scarbee, for those of us rock-n-roll bass-playing defectives out here, would you consider doing a picked bass? Maybe a \'P\' or an Alembic? There\'s just a whole lot more attack to the sound, and a place where it fits in...

    I\'ll try and post something somewhere for you to get an idea of what I\'m after...maybe that\'ll help. I\'ll post on this topic when I get it put up somewhere...not that it\'s all that impressive or anything...

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    Scott Stillwell

    So much gear, so little money...

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    Re: Basic libraries...I know, again, again...

    Hi sstillwell:

    Off course IO will do a picked bass one day -a P-bass could be an interesting idea...



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    Re: Basic libraries...I know, again, again...

    Scarbee is the way to go for bass samples. If you like to do new agey or sound track stuff, look into Drone Archeology by Ernest Cholakis for some great drones and check into the new BT Twisted Textures for some excellent expressive background textures, from meditative to scary to happy etc..
    If you want even more synth\\pad\\textures stuff, there is a library called granular by boulder sounds and Qup arts has a nice one called dream experience. These are all giga formated. Plenty of drum libraries to choose from. Sounds like perfect drums and giga drums are setting the standards. I would bet that the QL strat will be a must have also. Havent heard those though. I\'m more into orchestra stuff myself.
    Have fun shopping for sounds. Be sure to check out as many demos as you can to get an idea of what you want.
    David Govett

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    Re: Basic libraries...I know, again, again...

    Thanks for the info...do either of you have a preference in Acoustic Guitar libs? If so, why?

    On another note, as I promised (threatened?), here\'s a link where you can find some stuff I\'m working on...it\'s not much, but it\'s all I can cudgel out of me brain right now. Go to <a href=http://home.kc.rr.com/sstillwell>http://home.kc.rr.com/sstillwell</a> and click on the \"My Music\" link on the left side of the page.

    Thanks again!

    Scott Stillwell

    So much gear, so little money...

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    Re: Basic libraries...I know, again, again...

    For acoustic Guitar, there is Maximium strength acoustic by Matt Regan. That is a NemeSys release. It rocks and is in the caliber of the Scarbee stuff.

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    Re: Basic libraries...I know, again, again...

    Hi Scott,

    Make sure to check out PureGuitars by German YellowTools. They are represented by BestService (http://www.bestservice.de). At this moment it even nr. 1 on their Intruments Top 10. Site has some demos and reviews (the site is by default in German; you can switch to English).

    PureGuitars is also in the top 10 of SoundsOnline (http://www.soundsonline.com). Seems to be slightly better than the famous Zimmer guitars.

    Anyway, I like it a lot (I mainly use the nylon strings as I focus on orchestral stuff).



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    Re: Basic libraries...I know, again, again...

    For drums, I like the sound of the Blue Jay and Sonic Implant samples. I dont own these, but the MPGs sound excellent. Very inexpensive, too.

    Listen to the MPGs at http://gigasamplers.com/drums.asp. Be sure to listen to the Ambient Blue Jay set.

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    Re: Basic libraries...I know, again, again...

    Oops, that link for the good drums doesn\'t work--I included the last period in the hotlink, somehow. Try this:

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    Re: Basic libraries...I know, again, again...

    Check out some of the acoustic archtop jazz guitar samples at www.bardstownaudio.com on the MP3 page. These electric and acoustic jazz guitars are very unique and high quality.

    Bardstown Audio www.bardstownaudio.com

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