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Topic: Memory Leak in Gigasampler 1.60

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    Memory Leak in Gigasampler 1.60

    I have a pIII 1000, 128MB RAM, 10K RMP SCSI hard drive, SB Live. When I load a patch into say channel 1 in GS, and right click on the name and select \'detach instrument\', it detaches alright, but the memory it used when it loaded is never released! This is a serious issue since I have limited amounts of RAM. Can anyone else confirm? BTW, I used a memory util to prove that this is actually happening.


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    Re: Memory Leak in Gigasampler 1.60

    You have to go to \"layout\" and unload the programs you want to throw out. I had the similar problem - I guess it\'s in the manual...


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