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Topic: Voices of The Apocalypse Blurb

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    Voices of The Apocalypse Blurb

    For those that are interested, here\'s the blurb from www.soundsonline.com

    Quantum Leap Voices of The Apocalypse GIGA/HALion

    This title will be shipping the week of November 26,2001- Order your copy today!

    Introducing a breakthrough sample library from Quantum Leap on 3 CD-ROMs. Voices of the Apocalypse - Classical Choir. Every vowel sound and consonant sampled at multiple dynamics, programmed in a way that allows you to create realistic words, sung in any
    language, from your sampler. This library sounds nothing like any other choir library you\'ve ever heard, because we fearlessly went after the full spectrum of a Wagneresque choir. We chromatically sampled a 3 octave range of both men and women in a fabulous sounding hall. Everything from Angelic to downright evil!

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    Re: Voices of The Apocalypse Blurb

    Sounds online is offering their thanksgiving special this week...but its only Free Shipping. I\'m quite bummed about this. I was waiting for this thanksgiving to give me some cool deal on VotA. I have about 800 points o I need to spend another 200 before I can get to use my opints. I may buy BT\'s stuff since they sound good. or The Celtic CDs and The BT breaks CD,..THEN order VotA So I can use the points to it. What a pain this stupid Point sstem is.... atleast I get a hundred off the freaking library!

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Voices of The Apocalypse Blurb

    Check out Soundchaser\'s price.

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    Re: Voices of The Apocalypse Blurb

    Thank you ursatz!

    Ordered and am happilly awaiting it.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: Voices of The Apocalypse Blurb

    Hey ursatz! Good eye!

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    Re: Voices of The Apocalypse Blurb

    Just placed my orders yesterday (some basic Bigga Giggas, not the big stuff)-gave up on finding discounts! Spend hours surfing for bargains, never saw these guys.

    A day late and abot $100 short

    Oh well, next time. Thanks, Ursatz.

    David \'Dasher\' Kempton www.thesoundsmith.com

    [This message has been edited by thesoundsmith (edited 11-20-2001).]

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    Re: Voices of The Apocalypse Blurb

    Happy to help, guys! I was going to order from soundsonline but just thought I\'d check out some alternatives....

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    Re: Voices of The Apocalypse Blurb

    Sound Chaser has agreat price on Rare I too

    My favorite prices are at www.jacksmusicstore.com but they dont deal with EastWest/QL nor Big Fish. still for nearly everything else the prices are superb.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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