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Topic: NEW QLeap info

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    NEW QLeap info

    Quantum Leap VotApocalypse and 56 Strat will be available tomorrow (wed.). I\'ve been busy and in kind of a daze so I haven\'t finished the guitar demo. Also, I listened to the mix of the choir and thought it was pretty bad in general. The final demo at soundsonline.com will be better.

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    Re: NEW QLeap info

    Third times a charm?

    well I ordered VotA at Sound Chaser last night. If it shows up Wed, and they ship it, hopefully by friday...if not then next week. Anxious.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: NEW QLeap info

    The demo of Vota at soundsonline weigh more than 40Mo. Is it some kind of bug?


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    Re: NEW QLeap info

    MP3 Demo is up at soundsonline.com. (7 megs) Its a little muddled sounding, because of some strings that are mixed poorly, but you can get a good idea of the library anyway. Guitar demo next week.

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    Re: NEW QLeap info

    Nick I jsut listened to the demo again. I cant wait till this sucker arrives at my door

    Even if you say the mix is mussled, the choir sounds fantastic. I know personally I will be doing some programming and adding slower attacks for some workds and variations, but man this sucker sounds like its already great. I can\'t wait till afte you use this sucker for a while and other users use it for a bit to start hearing what can be done. Similar to he scond demo of QLB you put up that sounded great compared to the original.

    Really...I am an Idiot

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