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Topic: VOA & EastWest

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    VOA & EastWest

    If anyone placed an order for VOA this past Wednesday...via, Soundchaser.com...
    guess what??

    EastWest, just got them and it will be here on Monday!

    Same old (beep)

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    Re: VOA & EastWest

    oh..and I am upset because I paid for overnight shipping for Friday Delivery.

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    Re: VOA & EastWest

    OK, now I feel like an (beep).

    Just spoke to Johnny...getting Saturday morning

    EastWest Rules!!


    No, King...Im the idiot

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    Re: VOA & EastWest


    Well shipping ws 39 bucks at soundchaser no matter what I picked..so I hope I\'m getting 2 day

    still saved me 100 bucks at soundchaser compared to Soundsonline/EastWest. If it doesn\'t how up saturday, it\'ll prolly show up Monday or tuesday. If tuesday it comes in on my B-day which isn\'t so bad

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: VOA & EastWest

    I\'ve had it since yesterday. Its pretty impressive!!

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