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Topic: Any n-Track studio user out there? I'm stuck. Please help.

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    Any n-Track studio user out there? I\'m stuck. Please help.

    I have a PIII-600 with 128Mb RAM SBlive value and Delta66. I\'m running Gigasampler 1.60 and the drivers for the soundcards are the latest ones.

    I am having problems with MIDI on n-Track. For some strange reason, I cannot get n-Track to output MIDI to Gigasampler. I made sure that the MIDI out is EndlessWave. When I click play, the MIDI halo on GS lits up, which implies that it is controlled by n-Track. However, I cannot get any sound whereas if I just use the SBlive creative Synth, I get absolutely no problem with record and playback. Has anyone else run into the same problem?

    Any information will be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Any n-Track studio user out there? I\'m stuck. Please help.


    I am not familiar with n-track, but I have had similar problems with GS MIDI communication. My remedy: Make shure you are opening your sequencer from within GS (the Sequencer Button).


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