Hey Guys...it\'s been a lonnnng time, so I thought I\'d drop by and say \"Hi\"...

I was just curious about Gigastudio and how it will be released. Since most of us are already on the waiting list, does anyone know how Nemesys will distribute the first copies of Gigastudio? Will they contact each of us by email and have us call them to give them our credit card info, mailing address, etc? I figure that most of us bought Gigasampler from a music dealer and not from Nemesys directly...this is why I\'m curious how they will distribute the final product.

Also, it\'s the middle of April. I know that Gigastudio will be released at the end of this month, but does anyone have a better idea of the exact date? There are only 2 more weeks left in this month and I still haven\'t heard an exact date or how we will be contacted to purchase our copies of Gigastudio.

Thanks everyone!!!!!