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Topic: Logic Audio 4.1.1 and GIGA?!

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    Logic Audio 4.1.1 and GIGA?!

    I am desperately trying to get Gigasampler running alongside Logic Audio 4.1.1, but have no succes. LAP seems to be very destructive in the way it allocates sound devices. I use a Gina card and have outputs 1+2 enabled in Gigasampler and the rest in LAP\'s \'virtual devices\' setup - but still no succes. If I start Gigasampler first, Logic will fail to allocate it\'s A/V\'s, the other way, Giga won\'t play. Is there no way to get this working??


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    Re: Logic Audio 4.1.1 and GIGA?!

    Check out this forum http://pub10.ezboard.com/bdelta1010forum.html
    look for Bob\'s special fix for Gigasampler users, and also look at the bit for configuring Logic audio for use with Gigasampler.

    Its for the Delta cards, but the same applies for you.


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