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Topic: DSSoundware's drum kits

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    DSSoundware\'s drum kits

    Hi Donnie and Sean,

    I\'m itchin\' to upgrade my drums. You have put a strong enough echo out that you would be releasing kits. In fact, your website lists some possibilities.

    What\'s the news? Any release date? Are you guys even working on it?

    I trust your stuff and if your kits are really really in the works then I\'ll wait (but I\'ve said that to you before....months before). So, would just love to hear some news on their development or lack of.

    Take care, guys. Love your stuff!!

    Steve Hanlon in Taiwan

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    Re: DSSoundware\'s drum kits

    Ok, here\'s a few thoughts....

    First of all there are already several very good choices for drum set libraries on the market (Purfect Drums, Pure Drums, etc.). We ARE going to be coming out with a drum set library, and hopefully very soon, but it\'s not on the top of the list.

    The thing with drum sets is that everyone has an opinon of what kind of sound that they like. A set one person may like another one may absolutely hate so it\'s very tricky, if not impossible, to come up with a library that everyone will love.

    Even though it pains me to say this I have to realize that our drum set library will not be a library that everyone says is the absolute best (there are just to many opinions on whats good). I say it \"pains\" me because I do feel that in the other areas we have covered that we can comfortably say that we have the best.

    So to recap ....Yes we are doing a drum set library and I hope that everyone will like it!


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    Re: DSSoundware\'s drum kits


    Possibly you could EQ and mike the kit with multiple mics and variations, and offer different versions for the end user of ONE kit, then do it again with another. Or offer up control features like Real Giga Drums. If someone could give me a library with the variety of Pure Drums with the control and options of Real Giga, I\'d be in drum library heaven

    Really...I am an Idiot

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    Re: DSSoundware\'s drum kits

    Well, I think there\'s definately a room for more GIGA drum libaries. If you can make some really good snaredrums (that aren\'t tuned too low, and have great ghosting-capabilities) and more variation in the tom-toms and cymbal department (with lots of velocity levels), there\'ll definately be a big market for your product Donnie. I only hope that you don\'t postpone this product for a long time, because this is something I\'m really looking forward to get my hands on.

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    Re: DSSoundware\'s drum kits

    Hey Donnie and Sean,
    Don\'t worry about this snare drum pickiness.

    Just follow what you know works. That\'s what you did with your other releases. Successful.

    Everyone has talked about how much they want to be able to shape their own sound with their own effects.

    There will always be a few big cats walking around telling you how much the snare should sound like...like... what they want. and they are not the majority...they\'re just one opinion.

    The only thing i request is breaking the brand named cymbals and drums up into separate CD\'s, so we can decide if we want to buy the whole package or if we want the sabien cymbals with the blah blah brand drums.

    Hope you guys get on it.
    Follow the force, Luke.

    : ^ )

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    Re: DSSoundware\'s drum kits

    How about a few GM Drum kits for Giga, which are also included standard patch-Switched like Standard, Rock, Orchestra Drum kits and more (fx)...We don\'t think this (combined) is currently available in the giga-lib-market places yet! Of cource, there should be also good and natural toms and latin percussions (GM) are also needed as well.

    This (GM) solution is allowed to customize the tom, snare and kick\'s personalities whether in multiple standard/latin, pop/rock or even Orchestra...And all we need is one standard GM that organized-format in giga-sample.

    Best regards,

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