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Topic: Akai to Giga s-convert.

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    Re: Akai to Giga s-convert.

    I think that it was akai-S1000 source samples, which has only one layer. If it is a case, other translator programs won\'t help at all.

    BTW, Trying other partitions or Akai sample-sources, you might see multiple layers? It should works! we have no problem here, Giga reads akai well (we did compare it (Giga V2.x) with other translator programs).

    Just a reference,

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    Akai to Giga s-convert.

    Hey guys..
    I think I brain faded..
    When I converted an Akai sample disk I seem to have sparate samples for many of the same instruments.
    But they all only have 1 velocity layer..
    I s-converted from the sample disk, with the akai filter on and tried both, to gig and, to gig on 1st available channel..
    I did each partition separatly..
    Did I di a dumb dumb??
    Is this what to expect with s-covert??
    Or should I go with the chicken translator??

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