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Topic: ProSamples Quantum Leap Brass

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    ProSamples Quantum Leap Brass

    Was just curious if the Prosamples version of QLB was worth getting; I have Peter S\'s Advanced Orchestra so I at least have some brass to keep me out of trouble.
    What are some of the highlights of this stripped version of QLB?
    thanks for any info!

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    Re: ProSamples Quantum Leap Brass

    I have the same question. The demos available all use the \'full sset\' and are useless in determining if what you get will work with what Ineed.

    Any opinions?


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    Re: ProSamples Quantum Leap Brass

    Soundsonline told me no french horns
    Nick, could you possibly post what instruments are on the Prosamples volume? I\'d love to get the entire CD collection but I dont have enough bread right now. I\'d really love to have your loud french horns and trumpet staccato.

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    Re: ProSamples Quantum Leap Brass

    There are french horns.

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    Re: ProSamples Quantum Leap Brass

    Are they solos or sections?
    and are they on the Pop or the Orchestral Prosamples disc?

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    Re: ProSamples Quantum Leap Brass

    Must be Orchestral-I just bought the Pop Brass-no single sus trombone, no french horns, but what\'s on there is pretty usable.

    I need a good Bari Sax, and a good trombone for big band sound. But the alto and tenor work together nicely-I cut and paste the melody from Alto to Tenor then type in the harmony note in the linear editing window, and they sound pretty darn good for a \'default\' band. Not enough for Maynard or Gil Evans, but good enough for the \'Giga-Gig\' system (in other words, WAY better than my SC-88 or XP-80!)


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    Re: ProSamples Quantum Leap Brass

    Can anyone tell us what samples come with the Prosamples Quantum Leap Brass Orchestral?
    I\'m mainly want the loud french horns.

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    Re: ProSamples Quantum Leap Brass

    TP SUS M
    TP SUS F
    3TP SUS
    3B SUS FF
    4FH SUS M
    4FH SUS F

    Please note that some samples have an improper low filter attached to them due to converting AKAI - Giga.

    Francis Belardino

    Sound Designer
    Audio Visions, LTD.
    Wilmington, DE.


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    Re: ProSamples Quantum Leap Brass


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    Re: ProSamples Quantum Leap Brass


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