I\'m looking for the best orchestral sounds I can get (especially strings) but can\'t justify the price of the GOS (just playing for fun - wife may commit attrocity if I bought those).

I wondered if anyone had any experience with this (mini) library. I\'ve listened to the demos and they sound very good, but I don\'t know if they\'re the demos of the full library or not (mini has mono samples, but looks well-equipped).

I\'m not planning any sequencing and, to put it in perspective, it\'s either this library or some pro samples (AO) plus a Roland Denny Jaeger violin set.

I\'d even appreciate any comments on the sounds of the full library (fast/slow strings esp.). I already have Dan Dean solo strings and hoped to find something I could blend with them for some chamber (live) stuff.

Thanks in advance to anyone who replies.

(and thanks to Mr. Dean for the updates on his website - terrific! I love those solo strings.)